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aso0omy-chan [userpic]

Back 2 work.. =D

May 17th, 2009 (06:21 pm)

~感じ~: cheerful
~メロヂー~: YUI - again

Yo every1.. it've baan a long time since i updated my LJ, ne!

anyway, i've been busy with my family & finding a job (still didnt find any XD) but ab back 2 work with BNS~..
I just finished the karaoke for Dream Boys 2007 (sorry 4 the delay every time) but I hope 4 the project 2 be released soon.. ^^

also am working on doing the karaoke 4 YUI's PV (again).. and i'll post the downloading link here as soon as i finsh it..
look forward 2 it, ne~!

じゃ、i have 2 go finish the work now~..


aso0omy-chan [userpic]

Happy B'day~..

January 27th, 2009 (03:51 pm)
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~感じ~: bored
~メロヂー~: Flumpool - 花になれ


mm, 2day is my b'day~ & I dont have anything 2 do, Ididnt plan anything cuz my friends r busy with the University >_< and I cant do anything..so~... I dunno what i'll do...

I think I'll go make a cake 4 me & eat it alone "any1 want? LOL~".. I'll upload pix of it later on~ "if i did"..


aso0omy-chan [userpic]

Korean & Japanese Fonts..

January 15th, 2009 (06:01 pm)
~感じ~: busy
~メロヂー~: 무조건 - 박상철

Hello every1..

am back again with my endless requests >< gomen ne..

from what the title says, any1 have or know where can I download Korean & Japanese fonts for free??

I need them ASAP..


aso0omy-chan [userpic]

Photoshop brushes..

January 6th, 2009 (04:26 pm)

~感じ~: calm
~メロヂー~: Super Junior-M - 渴望(A Man In Love)

Hello every1..

mm, am searching 4 a good Photoshop brushes since I lost all the brushes that I have, but I cant find new ones..

so, any1 can help me here? if u have anything plz tell me..

thank u so0o0o much in advance..

aso0omy-chan [userpic]

Happy New Year!

January 4th, 2009 (03:02 am)
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~感じ~: sleepy
~メロヂー~: NEWS - Fly Again

wa~, minna-tachi~..
akimashite omedetou gozaimashita~..

I know am so late >_<, demo I had problem to log in here, finally I can.. lol..

anyway, I wish this year will be full of happiness.. may God bless u all in this year.. and may ur all wishes will become true~ ^^

ja~.. have 2 go back 2 BNS and see whats new in the subbing team..

aso0omy-chan [userpic]

Super Junior T 1st Japanese Single..

October 17th, 2008 (03:33 am)

~感じ~: sleepy
~メロヂー~: HELL, NO - KAT-TUN

Yo minna~

I just found abt it few days ago and I was lazy 2 post.. lol

anyway, am very happy that SuJu is gonna be in the Japanese industry~ it sounds cool, ne!

Here r some info abt the single~..

Read more...Collapse )

well, I can't wait 4 the single & the PV, I think it'll be nice~.. lol~

P.S: there is a download link 4 the song.. hoho~

ja~.. have fun minna~..

aso0omy-chan [userpic]

~ My Singapore/Australia Trip Pix : Part 1 ~

October 12th, 2008 (05:30 pm)

~感じ~: sick
~メロヂー~: Wrong Number - 동방신기

Yo minna~!
I wanna share with u my trip to Singapore/Ausrtalia - August 2008 pix..

I really had fun there eventhough I didnt do lots of things.. ^^

As u know, that was my first time to visit both Singapore and Australia.. My trip was 3 weeks long, 1 week in Singapore and 2 weeks in Australia, but the week in Singapore was divided into 3 days be4 I went to Australia and 4 days after I came back from Australia be4 coming back home.. ^_^

anyway, I'll start with Singapore pix " 1st half "..

Singapore Pix : Part 1Collapse )

I'll upload the rest next time~!

Hope u like them..

aso0omy-chan [userpic]

DBSK 동방신기 (TVXQ!) Vs. Sarah Connor MV!!

October 4th, 2008 (08:13 pm)

~感じ~: excited
~メロヂー~: 동방신기 - 주문 (Mirotic)

Hello everybody~ ^^

As what u can read from the subject, every1 know DBSK's now MV "주문 (MIROTIC)" right?
I admit that am so0o ilove with it and with the whole album.. But while am doing some researches "in youtube" I saw an MV for the German singer Sarah Connor with a title of "Under My Skin" and I was SHOCKED cuz its totally the same as DBSK's song "but with diffirent meaning"..

I've checked Wikipedia to know about who released the song 1st, and it seems that Sarah released her single in August while DBSK the end of last month.. and I was reading this in Sarah's single info in Wikipedia:

"The song's copyright was also purchased by the Korean boy band, TVXQ!, under a different title, "주문 (Mirotic)". TVXQ! has not announced the exact time at which the copyright was bought, but have said that their 4th album was under work since 2007. TVXQ!'s entertainment company, SM Entertainment, has recently disclosed that TVXQ! had finished recording "주문 (Mirotic)" in June 2008 (earlier than Connor's release). The song is the lead title for their comeback 4th album, "MIROTIC". As both versions of the song are originals (under legal copyright law), neither of the two are "samples" nor "covers" of the other. However, the two songs, "Under My Skin" and "주문 (Mirotic)", have noticeable musical differences in melody, harmony, and song structure (Connor's song has a bridge, while TVXQ!'s song has a rap section)."

For me, I love 4 sure DBSK's version even if its not originaly by them (cover).. I think the melody suits men voices more than a woman voice and DBSK's version is stronger than Sarah's version, dont u think??

Anyway, I'll leave u with the 2 MVs and see the diffirence by ur self and u'll know what I mean.. ^_^

Sarah Connor - Under My Skin MV

DBSK 동방신기 (TVXQ!) - 주문 (Mirotic) MV

aso0omy-chan [userpic]

飛輪海 / Fei Lun Hai / Fahrenheit - 1st Japanese Single..

September 5th, 2008 (07:24 pm)

~感じ~: cheerful
~メロヂー~: Fahrenheit - Heart Nest

Hey everybody~.. It've been a while since I post in my Lj.. I was out of the country 4 a vacation after I graduate from the college ^^
I'll post later my vacation trip pix..^^

Now, since I am not updated from a lo0ong time, I just found out about Fahrenheit's Japanese single, and am in love with it...

The 1st track called "Stay with you" and the other track is called " 新しい巣 / Nest Heart " and I LOVE it so0o much.. It's the Japanese version of their song with S.H.E "Xin Wo" which is the opening song for the Taiwanese drama "Romantic Princess"..

Here r the download links 4 the songs!

Click here 2 download~Collapse )

aso0omy-chan [userpic]

Otanjoubi Omedetou YamaPi~ Happy 23 b'day~!

April 9th, 2008 (03:44 pm)

~感じ~: tired
~メロヂー~: 山下智久‐Love Song

WA~~~~~~~~~~~! XD~

I almost couldn't manage 2 post in my Lj about it~! T_T
I know I didn't do anything special 4 him since am so0o0o0o0o busy with my graduation year~ *lots of projects & exams*, demo I wanna say it here~


Hope u had a great b'day~~~! ^^ 

I LOVE YOU~~~~~~~!

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